The beginning of the Huckleberry Games (Studio) dates back to the year 2012 when, in unformal back then Huckleberry Studio, the works on the Edengrad game began.
The company was established in February 2015, after getting a financial investor, while the work on the first product had already started two years before.
Company’s main product – the Edengrad game,  has been presented on fair twice.
Edengrad has been also presented at the Poznan Game Arena fair, where received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors as well as press.One of the company’s biggest achievement is scoring the second place – among few thousand games – on the Steam Greenlight in just a few days’ time. Edengrad gained support from from many players all over the world. This success resulted in agreement in 2012 with Valve Corporation for the digital distribution of the game. The Steam store has right now 125 mln clients worldwide. SO the game will be eventually available in for languages – Polish, English, Chinese and Russian.
What is more, the company has already gained its first clients through the website wspieram.to, selling the test version of Edengrad (wspieram.to/edengrad).
On the 16th February the District Court in Poznan registered the company as Huckleberry Games Joint-stock Company, which was the result of transformation from limited liability company. Debut of the Huckleberry Games on the NewConnect market is planned on the second half of the year 2016.